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the rose trilogy

title: from roses to rosary
written by: coolndarklyeeri
pairing: gerard/frank
summary: AU where gerard is a young priest who'd made a promise for the sake of his dying mother, but is now facing powerful temptation from an 18-year-old frank iero who makes his desires for the priest known in every subtle way--but gerard tries to resist him for as long as he can.
rating: hard R for language, slight drug use and sexual content
security: public
posted: mychemicalslash, the_blackrosary
cross-posted: the_blackrosary all chapters

precious and fragile things | angels with silver wings shouldn't know suffering | things get damaged, things get broken | we always tried to share the tenderest of care | words left unspoken left us so brittle | there was so little left to give | i hope it's your eyes He's seeing through, prt 1 | i hope it's your eyes He's seeing through, prt 2 | keep room in your hearts for two

title: through a different kind of silence
written by: coolndarklyeeri
pairing: mikey/frank
summary: gerard's death leaves a strong impact on far more than could be imagined, in more than heartbreak, more than pain, resurfacing that which had been buried deeply to be forgotten, stirring remorse that eats one slowly alive. and ultimately brings together two souls who would have never even met otherwise.
rating: NC-17 for strong language, slight drug use, strong sexual content, and violence
security: public
posted: mychemicalslash
cross-posted: the_blackrosary, all chapters

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six chapter seven | chapter eight | chapter nine, prt 1 | chapter nine, prt 2 | chapter nine, prt 3 | chapter ten, prt 1 chapter ten, prt 2 chapter 11 | chapter twelve | chapter thirteen | chapter fourteen | chapter fifteen
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